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Buggys & Karting

Unique 4 Seat YAMAHA Buggy Tour

We make the best routes through exciting trails!

130 € - 249 €

Buggy Tour 100% Offroad

100% Offroad Buggy Tour - 2 hours of pure adventure & fun!

130 €

Buggy Tour Mountain Tour

(Mix Onroad and Offroad)

119 € - 149 €

Gran Karting Club

Come to one of the best karting track in the Canary Islands!

75 €

Buggy and karting tours are a popular leisure activity in Gran Canaria for adventure seekers. Here are some options:

Buggy Tours: Buggy tours offer an exciting way to explore the interior of Gran Canaria. The tours take you through mountains, valleys, forests and along the coast, offering breathtaking views of the landscape. There are several buggy tour providers on the island, offering different routes and levels of difficulty.

Karting: there are several karting tracks in Gran Canaria where you can test your racing skills and compete against friends and family. Most karting tracks are suitable for children and adults of all ages and offer different types of karts, from slower to faster models.