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Water sport

These are just a few examples of water sports that you can practice in Gran Canaria.

Surfing: Gran Canaria has some of the best surf spots in Europe, especially in the north and northwest of the island.

Windsurfing: With constant trade winds, Gran Canaria is a popular destination for windsurfers.

Kitesurfing: Gran Canaria’s trade winds also make the island an ideal place for kitesurfing.

Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP): SUP is a relaxing way to enjoy the water, and there are many quiet coves and beaches in Gran Canaria that are suitable for it.

Diving: Gran Canaria offers a breathtaking underwater world that can be explored while diving.

Snorkeling: You can also experience the colorful underwater world of Gran Canaria while snorkeling.

Parasailing: If you want to float high above the sea, parasailing in Gran Canaria offers a great opportunity to do so.

Jet Ski: For those who like fast and exciting adventures, jet skiing in Gran Canaria is a popular activity.

Fishing: There are many opportunities for fishing in Gran Canaria, both from the shore and on a boat.

Jet Ski Safari

Have fun on the unique Jet Ski Safari - Wild fun on Gran Canarias.

130 € - 220 €

Sport fishing

Unforgettable day of deep sea fishing. Full range of rods & reels.

85 €

Diving taster course

Learn to dive in one day while exploring the coast of Gran Canaria.

85 €

Surf Experience

We offer surf lessons for beginners and advanced with a unique easy-learn coaching system.

65 €

Parasailing Experience

Enjoy parasailing, one of the most exciting and exhilarating adventures!

50 € - 130 €

Jet Ski Circuit Ride

Rent one of our jet skis for 15 or 30 minutes on the beach.

50 € - 100 €